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China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen meet you at the 9th Linyi wood Expo

September 02-04

Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

booth number: hall 1 b15-b27

fine craftsman healthy plate, see you

China logistics capital, international wood Expo

a big gathering of wood buyers and dealers - wood Expo

the Ninth China Linyi International Wood Expo will be held at China Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 2 to 4, 2018. Linyi wood Expo, which is positioned as the international exhibition of the whole industry chain of China's wood industry, has been held for eight times, and the eighth session has attracted more than 100000 professional visitors, bringing huge business opportunities. Linyi wood Expo will always adhere to the exhibition concept of "finding sellers for buyers and buyers for sellers". It provides the best exchange platform for upstream and downstream exchanges and cooperation, international friendly exchanges, and industrial innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of the whole wood industry chain

Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a brand chain enterprise integrating production and sales. Since its establishment in 2000, it has developed from a single wood products enterprise to a home decoration integrated group enterprise. Its brand: fine craftsman, the national chain store has radiated more than 800. The brand has won the title of Chinese national brand in the building materials industry, and has won the "top ten brands in China's plate industry" for many times, and has become a specially invited brand in the CCTV quality column

fine craftsman healthy plate, whole house easy to wear + new appearance

whole house easy to wear + takes fine craftsman healthy plate products as the core, and provides consumers with a series of value-added services, including top wall easy to body and wardrobe customization series. Through the Jingcai craftsman cloud system, we output the scene based top wall and cabinet solutions, together with all kinds of wood wire, hardware, Roman column, door type and other material products. The Jingcai craftsman's whole house easy to install store provides measurement, design optimization and door-to-door installation services, and provides consumers with one-stop services from material selection, cabinet type design, style design and installation. Realize the whole house easy to install +, make customization easier, buy today and install tomorrow, and truly reflect the core value of the whole house easy to install +

the whole house is easy to install +: the top, wall and cabinet are easy to be integrated.

the top, wall and cabinet are easy to be integrated (three systems): ceiling system, wall panel system and wardrobe system.

from the beginning to the gradual growth, the integrated top wall and wardrobe customization is becoming the most potential industry in the big home market. The industry has developed rapidly, and the industrial scale has impacted 100 billion. However, development and problems coexist, and the phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up and mud and sand is widespread. Under the severe development situation, how to explore a path of product application innovation and upgrading suitable for the top wall industry and wardrobe customization industry has become a major problem that the whole industry and enterprises need to solve

in the top wall industry and wardrobe customization industry, where homogeneous products are emerging in an endless stream, technological innovation is the most important way for enterprises to develop, and differentiated products can make enterprises based on the forest of brands. As the pioneer of the top wall cabinet, the craftsman of fine wood has always been concerned and followed by the industry. Guided by the whole house easy to install + module function board and intelligent lines; Combined with board and line, simplified process output; Enhance the comprehensive solution to the customization of integrated ceiling, integrated parapet and wardrobe. Actively research and develop health products that meet the individual needs of consumers, so that the roof, wall and cabinet can be easily integrated, so as to achieve the same color and space effect. With professional, dedicated and innovative values, realize the dream of "big integration, big home" in China's decoration industry

the way to the future? We are not born to be outstanding, but our indomitable fighting spirit makes us dare to accept any challenge. Build an ecological home with fine carpenters, and achieve word-of-mouth reputation with first-class quality. Our goal is to make the enterprise grow into a place that rivals respect; A brand that consumers can trust and a name that can be remembered by the times and history

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