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With excellent product quality, inexhaustible innovation ability, rich product varieties, win-win cooperation methods, intimate after-sales service... Recently, yunzhicai doors and windows has received good news, and another door and window franchisee has signed a cooperation agreement with yunzhicai doors and windows, becoming the franchise partner of yunzhicai doors and windows in Pingba, Guizhou

president Zhang took a group photo after signing the contract with the regional senior manager

it is understood that President Zhang is young and promising, less than 25 years old. He has been engaged in the aluminum alloy door and window industry for six years and the wooden door industry for three years, and has accumulated a large number of customers locally. However, with the increasingly fierce market competition, homogeneous and low-cost competition makes the door and window business more and more difficult. President Zhang is well aware that the only way to break through the dilemma is to innovate and change, and the direction is on the medium and high-end doors and windows of system environmental protection. President Zhang learned about the brand of yunzhicai doors and windows through friends. After communicating with the senior manager of yunzhicai doors and windows for many times, he learned that yunzhicai doors and windows has a unique business philosophy and outstanding comprehensive competitiveness; And its door and window products have always had a good reputation in Guizhou market. President Zhang believes that this is an excellent platform that can help his career move forward; After communication and evaluation, president Zhang finally decided to join yunzhicai doors and windows

Yunzhi caimen window will, as always, provide refined support for local specialty stores, comprehensively improve the soft power of terminals, and create a "win" sales path with dealers. We will organize members of the design department, training and R & D center, engineering department and other departments to provide all-round and thoughtful brand management and services for contracted customers, jointly prepare to build a new store, and create a door and window exclusive store that leads Pingba's fashion quality! We firmly believe that under the leadership of president Zhang, yunzhicai brand will just go up one floor in the local market of Pingba. Here we warmly congratulate president Zhang on becoming a member of Yongjin family

The year 2017 is the 12th year of the development of Foshan Yongjin door and window Technology Co., Ltd. thanks to your continuous support, our Yongjin door and window business can be booming. For this reason, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you! And our company will hold it in Foshan Yongjin door and window marketing center from March 28 to 29, 2017. "2017 Yongjin doors and windows spring Investment Fair", which will be a new development opportunity and challenge; This will be a golden rush event full of cordial exchanges, free speech and passion

store address: Middle East International Liqin Trade City, Pingba County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province





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