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Home decoration is a huge project for every family, with large investment and trivial projects. Choosing home decoration building materials is one of the important links, and some consumers are often troubled by problems in decoration. In view of the current high number of home decoration disputes, insiders remind consumers that decoration projects are too greasy, and they should carefully avoid all kinds of home decoration traps. ( )

in the first half of the year, the province's 12315 system accepted 844 complaints about decoration and building materials, a decrease of 7.4% over the same period last year. Among all kinds of complaints about home decoration, the number of consumption disputes about floor materials and doors and windows has always been in the forefront, including 195 pieces of floor materials and 189 pieces of doors and windows, accounting for 23.1% and 22.4% of the complaints about decoration building materials respectively. The data provided by the industry and Commerce Department shows that consumers' complaints about decoration building materials are mainly concentrated in four aspects

1. Product quality problems. There is a large difference between the sample display and the purchased real object, such as large color difference of wood floor, uneven floor quality, uneven wood floor after laying, etc

2. Poor installation quality, such as rough installation of doors and windows, defective handling of handles, hardware, etc

3. Exaggerated publicity. In order to attract consumers, some businesses exaggerated product functions, such as floor antibacterial and formaldehyde free, misleading consumers

4. The after-sales service is poor, the after-sales service promised by the business is not fulfilled, or the time to solve the problem is delayed

◆ the wood floor is unevenly paved

Ms. Lu bought a solid wood floor worth nearly 30000 yuan in a building materials mall last September. The manufacturer delivered the goods to the door in early November, and Ms. Lu asked the workers to pave by themselves. However, after one month, cracks, deformation and arching appeared in many places of the newly paved floor, and the gap between plates increased

Ms. Lu found the home shopping mall, and its after-sales service department sent people to the scene twice to check, but it believed that the situation of Ms. Lu's home was related to improper pavement and maintenance, and refused to pay compensation. However, at this time, Ms. Lu also lost contact with the decoration team, which made it more difficult to identify the responsibility

suggestions: consumers must pay attention to floor quality, paving method, warranty, etc. when purchasing wooden floors. When paving the floor, it is best to be paved by the manufacturer of the purchased floor. After the paving is completed and qualified, consumers should ask for an after-sales service card

in addition, there are color differences between samples and real objects in the process of purchasing wood flooring, and merchants confuse wood species to improve the sales price. Relevant experts also said that consumers should remember not only the model of the purchased wood flooring, but also the batch. If there are problems, consumers have the right to complain to the merchants and request replacement

◆ there is a big difference between the model and the real object

in April, Ms. Wen took a fancy to an indoor wooden door made of solid wood in a door and window brand store in our city, and paid money to order it. Two days later, the wooden door was delivered to the door, but at this time, Ms. Wen found that the products delivered by the manufacturer to the door were significantly different from the samples of the store. Not only is the decoration on the facade not as good-looking as the samples placed in the store, but the material is also far worse. In particular, the door delivered also had a pungent smell of paint. Ms. Wen said




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