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How much does it cost to decorate a house with 85 square meters? Recently, numerous apartment types have been launched in the major popular residential areas, of which 85 square meters of houses are deeply welcomed by the owners. They are neither small nor particularly small. A family of three is just fine. Occasionally, the elderly will not be too crowded when they come. Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network believes that owners with decoration plans will want to know the information of decoration quotation at the first time. Ms. Liu of liantou peninsula is going to decorate, but because of the limited budget at home, she wants to sort out the decoration expenses in the early stage. So, how to solve this seemingly simple but difficult problem? Xiaobian finds the project manager who has done construction in the community and has a look at his foreman to share with us the decoration quotation of the same community and house type of liantou peninsula

[liantou Peninsula housing information]

area: 85 square meters; House type: two rooms, two halls, one kitchen and one bathroom; Decoration method: half package; (Group decoration of liantou Peninsula community)

[latest decoration quotation of 85 square meters of liantou Peninsula]

seeing this quotation, we need to have a clear understanding of the construction projects and areas involved in the decoration of a house. According to the current two methods of decoration charges in Wuhan: first, the house area * the unit price per square meter, that is, the calculation is based on the area of the house; 2、 Construction area * construction price per unit area, that is, it is calculated according to the specific construction area. Therefore, for such a quotation of liantou Peninsula, the price of about 40000 yuan is relatively reasonable, because according to the current decoration quotation in Wuhan, the average price per square meter is between 300 and 700. According to this calculation, we can know who is cost-effective and who is not

well, that's all I want to say. I've seen the decoration quotation of the 85 square meter house in liantou peninsula. I don't know whether you have achieved the decoration budget of your own home? If you want to know more about the decoration quotation in your home, please continue with more fresh information. You are preparing for the decoration at home, so the editor of Wuhan home decoration network suggests that you might as well pay attention to the Wuhan Decoration bidding now, professional home decoration knowledge, authoritative Wuhan decoration company ranking information, and grasp it immediately. You can also make an appointment at any time for more than three companies to measure rooms and design schemes for free, and choose the best

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